Friday, March 23, 2018

Volunteers Make a Difference

Your efforts as a volunteer for young children can make a big difference for the children and families of this community. Listed below are highlights of a few of the available volunteer opportunities. Please contact the partnership office if you are interested. As an individual, you can do the following:

Volunteer Your Time

  • Share a hobby, craft, or personal collection with children;
  • Read stories to children;
  • Provide clerical assistance to early childhood organizations;
  • Help the Health Department nurse perform health screenings on young children;
  • Teach children how to use a computer;
  • Teach adults who work with young children how to use a computer;
  • Be a substitute teacher for a young children's program so a teacher can attend professional growth classes;
  • Help improve facilities which provide programs and services for young children and families;
  • Serve on committees or boards affecting early childhood programs and services;
  • Become a Guardian Ad Litem -- a court-appointed volunteer for an abused/neglected child -- to help ensure that the best is done for a child involved in a court case;
  • Tutor parents of young children in adult literacy;
  • Assist in a summer program for young children;
  • Staff registration tables at children fairs or events;
  • Provide translation to Spanish-speaking parents and children;
  • Serve as a guest speaker about early childhood development;
  • Provide, prepare, and distribute snacks at children's events and fairs;
  • Provide free child care during committee meetings, community forums, and other events;
  • Become a Big Brother or Big Sister to a young child;
  • Visit and hold an abandoned baby at a local hospital;
  • Volunteer at a Women's Shelter for mothers with young children;
  • Consider becoming a foster parent;
  • Consider adopting a young child; or
  • Mentor young families.

Make and Assemble

  • Activity kits;
  • Show-and-tell bags;
  • Dramatic play costumes;
  • Big pillows;
  • Wooden swing sets; or
  • Bean bag chairs.

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